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Wind Mitigation
Residential Only
Normally requested when the buyer or own er is seeking additional discounts on their insurance premium
Doors & Windows
Up to 2,000 sq. ft.
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Home Inspection
Required in some cases in order to get property insurance
Up to 2,000 sq. ft.
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Tainted (Chinese) Drywall
per wall sample
highly used in Florida and is now banned in the United States. Unfortunately many properties still have them.
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Elevation Certificate

Elevation certificates and Land Surveys are usually requested when property owner believe that the property is NOT in a flood zone.


Roof Certification

Got a letter from Citizens claiming your roof needs to be replaced? It is common to see this letter when the roof reaches 25 years of age. Only two things you can do at that time is replace the roof or get it Certified if you believe you still have some life left on it. Don’t pay for a new roof, fight it with a Certification inspection, order yours today!

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Water-Quality Testing

South Florida has a large number of galvanized & cast iron piping used for plumbing prior to 1980s. These pipes are know for corruption on the inside, this contaminates potable water as it passes through & leads to all sorts of illness. Schedule your comprehensive testing today!

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Sink-Hole Evaluation

Sink hole are hard to spot and rely on data that needs to be collected through a Survey, this along with typical signs will determine how likely you are close to one or in an hot zone. As a new home owner you should have the peace of mind of known. Request a professional evaluation today!

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Radon Testing

Yes, believe it or not Florida is a great location to find Radon gas but don’t worry, our detailed home inspection report will highlight if Radon is something you should worry about. If the property is positive for Radon, you can request an additional Radon inspection. This inspection ranges from 4-7 Days and will give you an accurate idea of how serious Radon so you can take the necessary steps in mediating with this issue.

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