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Inspection Benefits

Here Are All the Benefits You Get When You Choose Us for Your Inspection Services

When it comes to Home Inspection services, competition is rigorous. This is why we thought it would be valuable to list of the benefits you will receive when you choose us for your next inspection. There is no gimmick and nothing additional to be paid in order to enjoy these benefits.

90-Day Warranty

The 90-Day Warranty comes with your home inspection. This warranty covers repairs to some items and appliances which the home inspector had found to be in good working condition at the time of inspection but had a mechanical issue days after.

Complete History Report

BuildFax helps you understand your new property condition and history. It includes information about major components like roof, electrical, and plumbing, construction history & neighborhood trend.

Next-Day Report

Compared to other inspectors that take 24-48 hours to produce a report or even a week, our report is ready the very next day. In fact we try to deliver it before we leave the property. Simply ask our inspector for an expedited report upon completion. No additional fee required. Yes! is that easy.